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{headshot} MEGAN

My pastor’s wife and dear sister-in-Christ recently asked me to take some professional headshots that she can use for various purposes. Being my first time to do this type of photography, I had to do some thinking on what I needed to accomplish for her. Knowing that Megan is a requested speaker, a published writer, a seasoned blogger and frequent guest-blogger, I knew she would have many different needs for head shots. My aim was to capture varied expressions and poses to choose from whenever she needs a promotional image. Below are a few of my favorites.

In case you haven’t had the opportunity to read her published articles, follow her blog, hear her speak, or have her lead your women’s Bible study, you are missing out. Some women are wise and gifted leaders. Megan is one of them at a very young age. God has given her the ability to take everyday life and teach spiritual lessons through those mundane experiences. One of my favorite examples of this is her post “A Casserole Is Not Enough. Except When It Is.” You can enjoy it here: http://www.sundaywomen.com/2014/03/a-casserole-is-not-enough-except-when.html

I am blessed to call her friend and excitedly look forward to being blessed by the many ways God will use her in my life!


Thanks, Megan, for the absolute honor of providing you these headshots. I will be praying for God to continue gifting you for the good of your family, His church, and countless others!

P/S – You can follow Megan’s blog (which she co-authors with her mother, also a pastor’s wife!) at http://www.sundaywomen.com; read her published articles at http://www.christianitytoday.com/women/; and follow her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sunday-Women/120208384746342.

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Of all the places I could live, I’d still pick Mississippi. There’s warmth in the hearts of her people found nowhere else. Her soil yields crops which provide for the world. Manners are still valued. Churches are still full. My momma and daddy dwell in her Delta. Porch swings swing and fireflies fly. Yellow planes dust crops and thrill the travelers. Her river is mighty and proud; her cotton, white with purpose. And when it’s cotton pickin’ time, that’s my cue to grab the camera and make a trip through the Delta! Miles before I ever reach my hometown of Greenville, my heart is at home as soon as I see those countless rows of boles!! So for all my Delta friends who won’t be passing through this time of year, these images are for you… because I know you’d still pick Mississippi, too.   

Teresa Russell Photography RIDGELAND MS-1
Teresa Russell Photography RIDGELAND MS-2
Teresa Russell Photography RIDGELAND MS-3
Teresa Russell Photography RIDGELAND MS-4
Teresa Russell Photography RIDGELAND MS-5
Teresa Russell Photography RIDGELAND MS-6
Teresa Russell Photography RIDGELAND MS-7
Teresa Russell Photography RIDGELAND MS-8
Teresa Russell Photography RIDGELAND MS-9
Teresa Russell Photography RIDGELAND MS-10
Teresa Russell Photography RIDGELAND MS-11
Teresa Russell Photography RIDGELAND MS-12
Teresa Russell Photography RIDGELAND MS-13

Like they say, “There’s no place like home!” No truer words have ever been spoken. Mississippi will always be mine.

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The McMahon Family – Serving the Lord with Gladness!

Today I had the wonderful pleasure of photographing my dear friend/fellow photographer and her family. Some people you meet and have an instant bond. Such was the case with me and Christy. Photography brought us together. Our love for the Lord has united our hearts together forevermore.

Their session today was a bit bittersweet, for me at least. In fact, when it was all said and done, I had a little flurry of tears to deal with as I drove home. You see, after several years serving as youth pastor at Carthage Baptist Church in Mississippi, Eric feels called to move the family to Pennsylvania to plant a new church in Philadelphia that will be named Watershed Church once established. I will surely miss my fun photography buddy, but I know she is eager and excited to serve the Lord alongside her husband as they share the gospel of Jesus Christ with souls above the Mason-Dixon. Philadelphia PA, you have a blessing coming your way!



And these children. These children! Yes, I know their parents would assure me they are not perfect… but they were attentive and polite and obedient. I had fun getting to know them a little better today. I pray each one will grow up and follow the ‘servant’ footsteps of their mom and dad.


They were perfect for stair-stepping against a wall. Practically a perfect diagonal line!


A surprise tickle is always a fun thing to throw in!


The one pose Christy said they didn’t want was “shots where everybody is huddled together.” Well… they went for a huddle… and it’s a pretty awesome family shot!  Way to huddle, McMahons!


My personal favorite.  A strong black & white.  


Can’t pass up a good staircase, especially when it’s outdoors on a pretty day! Hunter, love the elbow placement on that wall.  Good pose, buddy!

I’m going to miss y’all when you move. And I know others will as well. For those wanting to stay in touch with the McMahons and/or partner with them in their new ministry, I’m delighted to share a link to their blog which has more information about what they are doing and how people can help. Just go to www.ericmcmahon.blogspot.com and get on board!

Hey, y’all come back to see us, you hear!

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{engagement} DAVID & MARIBETH

It’s very emotional for me to freeze moments of time for my dearest of friends.  Such was the case for David and Maribeth’s engagement session. My daughter, Jennifer, was my assistant for the day. She has been friends with these two ever since they were all very young children. They’ve played together, taken trips together, grown up together. I feel more like a mom to them than a friend. While driving to the shoot, I started crying  uncontrollably. It really surprised me… and Jennifer said, “Mom, what’s wrong?  You’re going to do fine!” I assured her I wasn’t panicking about taking photos, I was just overcome with emotion at the honor of being asked to photograph this special time in their lives. I’m tearing up now just doing this post! Pitiful, I know.

It must have been 104 degrees that day. It was some kinda hot!! But Maribeth and David hung in there and were great fun to photograph! Oh, and did I mention that their little St. Bernard puppy was part of the session, too? When David proposed, he put the engagement ring on a blue ribbon, tied it around the puppy’s neck, placed him at Maribeth’s doorstep and rang the doorbell. I really do wish I could have been there to see her face when she picked up that puppy and discovered her ring around his neck. You did good, David!

When Maribeth saw the images from her session, she decided she wanted to use some of them to create a photographic guest book for their wedding day. After choosing those, I promised I wouldn’t blog her session until after their wedding so that the images would be new to their guests. The book was created. Guests signed across the pages. The wedding is over. The honeymoon has begun. So, with no further ado, I present to you the engagement session of this new Mr. and Mrs.!

Teresa Russell Photography RIDGELAND MS Engagement-37
Teresa Russell Photography RIDGELAND MS Engagement-38

Congratulations, you two, and Best Wishes!  Praying God’s richest blessings upon your life together as husband and wife.  Love you much.


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{senior} JULIA

Julia is one of those natural beauties.  Little makeup.  Natural curl.  Creamy complexion.  A dream to have in front of my camera!


It was great that Julia was willing to do whatever necessary to get the shot, even if that included perching herself near busy bees and climbing over fences.  She ended up with some really cool shots.


Gotta love a natural sun flare!  I love how this photo is both bold and soft.


And super cool is the fact that Julia lured a horse into posing with her with a peppermint!  Who knew that horses like the taste of peppermint?


After that peppermint, this horse was happy to pose with Julia and even flashed us a smile!

Thanks, Julia, for being such a good sport and congratulations on your graduation!  I’m looking forward to seeing what your future holds.  Whatever it is, one thing is for sure, you’ll be fashionably dressed!

Family, friends and visitors, if you enjoyed the images from Julia’s senior session, I’d love to hear which ones you like and why you like them!

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