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The McMahon Family – Serving the Lord with Gladness!

Today I had the wonderful pleasure of photographing my dear friend/fellow photographer and her family. Some people you meet and have an instant bond. Such was the case with me and Christy. Photography brought us together. Our love for the Lord has united our hearts together forevermore.

Their session today was a bit bittersweet, for me at least. In fact, when it was all said and done, I had a little flurry of tears to deal with as I drove home. You see, after several years serving as youth pastor at Carthage Baptist Church in Mississippi, Eric feels called to move the family to Pennsylvania to plant a new church in Philadelphia that will be named Watershed Church once established. I will surely miss my fun photography buddy, but I know she is eager and excited to serve the Lord alongside her husband as they share the gospel of Jesus Christ with souls above the Mason-Dixon. Philadelphia PA, you have a blessing coming your way!



And these children. These children! Yes, I know their parents would assure me they are not perfect… but they were attentive and polite and obedient. I had fun getting to know them a little better today. I pray each one will grow up and follow the ‘servant’ footsteps of their mom and dad.


They were perfect for stair-stepping against a wall. Practically a perfect diagonal line!


A surprise tickle is always a fun thing to throw in!


The one pose Christy said they didn’t want was “shots where everybody is huddled together.” Well… they went for a huddle… and it’s a pretty awesome family shot!  Way to huddle, McMahons!


My personal favorite.  A strong black & white.  


Can’t pass up a good staircase, especially when it’s outdoors on a pretty day! Hunter, love the elbow placement on that wall.  Good pose, buddy!

I’m going to miss y’all when you move. And I know others will as well. For those wanting to stay in touch with the McMahons and/or partner with them in their new ministry, I’m delighted to share a link to their blog which has more information about what they are doing and how people can help. Just go to www.ericmcmahon.blogspot.com and get on board!

Hey, y’all come back to see us, you hear!

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{lifestyle} HOOD FAMILY

I wanted to try my hand at a little black & white lifestyle photography.  So I put out a model call for three willing families.  Within minutes I had all three slots spoken for.  First up was the Hood family.  Meeting them was fun and delightful.  Precious family.  But at first, Little Dane wasn’t sure he wanted me taking his photos.  So while he was being camera-shy, I took the opportunity to snap a few shots of his mom and dad.

Before too long, Dane decided to come back out to play … and it was easy to see why he was having so much fun inside!  His grandmother had baked him some cookies!   That would certainly put me in a happy mood.  And how neat to have a dad who lets you leave cookie crumbles all in his hair!

“Wow, my grandma sure can make some good cookies!” 

Every little boy should have a daddy like this!  It was obvious to me that he spends a lot of time with his little shadow, because a little shadow he was!  His daddy could capture his attention or distract him, whichever was needed at the moment.

There are two things that I really like about the next photo.  Dane’s little hand on the bench seat … and the lizard.  Do you see it?

This next photo has BOY written all over it.  Love it. 

With a dad as a soccer coach, you grow up knowing how to kick a ball, that’s for sure!

And what’s sweeter than seeing a child lost in their own little world with a favorite toy?  It was fun watching his imagination as he flew Buzz around in the air a few times.  I’d love to know what he was saying to him.  Dane didn’t even know I was taking photos of him at this point.  He was lost in infinity and beyond.

Getting your picture taken is hard work!  Time for a little chocolate milk break with mom.  Jera is one of those moms who seem to really enjoy being a mom.  She allows Dane be a typical little boy … and she makes a point to get into his world.

 I love this image of him playing while she adoringly watches in the background.  He’s one blessed little boy!

Blowing bubbles.  Not such an easy thing for a little fella. 

I don’t know what his mommy was saying to him, but I love those big eyes and attentive expression.  In the next three images, I love his little hand nestled with hers.

Before I knew it, several hours had passed.  I’m super pleased with my first go at lifestyle photography.  Lots to learn, for sure, but enjoyed taking it all in.  I couldn’t have asked for a greater family to start with.  Thanks, Bill, Jera and Dane, for spending the afternoon with me and my camera.  I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and getting to know you.  Hope you enjoy your images for a lifetime.  And let’s do it again, soon!

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{lifestyle} MOTHER & DAUGHTER

I love being a mom, the sweet moments between a mother and her child, and black & white photography.  These images capture all of those elements.  Lifestyle photography has always held my interest because I think it best captures the emotion of the image.  It best freezes the action of the relationship.  I do love colorful images, but for lifestyle, I tend to favor timeless black & whites.  So I hope you’ll enjoy the beauty and emotion captured between Merrimac and her mom.

Ridgeland MS Lifestyle Photographer
Ridgeland MS Lifestyle Photographer
Ridgeland MS Lifestyle Photographer
Ridgeland MS Lifestyle Photographer
Ridgeland MS Lifestyle Photographer

I love these of Merrimac mesmerized by all the tiny white flowers around her.  How precious are those little fingers and toes and lips!

Ridgeland MS Lifestyle Photographer
Ridgeland MS LIfestyle Photographer
Ridgeland MS LIfestyle Photographer

I’m always thankful for the kindred-spirits God brings into my life.  And now that includes these two!


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