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The McMahon Family – Serving the Lord with Gladness!

Today I had the wonderful pleasure of photographing my dear friend/fellow photographer and her family. Some people you meet and have an instant bond. Such was the case with me and Christy. Photography brought us together. Our love for the Lord has united our hearts together forevermore.

Their session today was a bit bittersweet, for me at least. In fact, when it was all said and done, I had a little flurry of tears to deal with as I drove home. You see, after several years serving as youth pastor at Carthage Baptist Church in Mississippi, Eric feels called to move the family to Pennsylvania to plant a new church in Philadelphia that will be named Watershed Church once established. I will surely miss my fun photography buddy, but I know she is eager and excited to serve the Lord alongside her husband as they share the gospel of Jesus Christ with souls above the Mason-Dixon. Philadelphia PA, you have a blessing coming your way!



And these children. These children! Yes, I know their parents would assure me they are not perfect… but they were attentive and polite and obedient. I had fun getting to know them a little better today. I pray each one will grow up and follow the ‘servant’ footsteps of their mom and dad.


They were perfect for stair-stepping against a wall. Practically a perfect diagonal line!


A surprise tickle is always a fun thing to throw in!


The one pose Christy said they didn’t want was “shots where everybody is huddled together.” Well… they went for a huddle… and it’s a pretty awesome family shot!  Way to huddle, McMahons!


My personal favorite.  A strong black & white.  


Can’t pass up a good staircase, especially when it’s outdoors on a pretty day! Hunter, love the elbow placement on that wall.  Good pose, buddy!

I’m going to miss y’all when you move. And I know others will as well. For those wanting to stay in touch with the McMahons and/or partner with them in their new ministry, I’m delighted to share a link to their blog which has more information about what they are doing and how people can help. Just go to www.ericmcmahon.blogspot.com and get on board!

Hey, y’all come back to see us, you hear!

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Been working on capturing sunflares and I’m pretty well pleased with this one! Actually, I love it. I love the column, the leaves, the concrete, and the sky, too. It’s as if they are telling a story. I have a maternity shoot tomorrow so I was scouting neat locations for it and I came across this abandoned house. It was kind of creepy walking around there by myself, but it was a goldmine for a photographer! Spent an hour there taking all sorts of neat photos. Can’t wait to pose mom-and-dad-to-be in some shots here. Anyway, I know you can add sunflares in Photoshop, but there’s no comparison to the real deal. What do you think?

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{portrait} JENNIFER

In the process of editing some photographs of my daughter and just had to laugh out loud at this one!  I’m still learning my newest lens, so I need models to work with whenever I have time to just play with my camera.  Thankfully, one of my daughters is usually game.   Jennifer and I have a funny story about where this photograph was taken . . . and I’m sure if we told you, you wouldn’t believe it . . . so we’re just gonna keep it our little secret.  Anything for a great shot, right?!

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My camera and I had the pleasure of spending some time with my youngest daughter this week and we had way too much fun.  Just wanted to share one of the photographs from that day that I’m totally in love with.  ( No pun intended.)  Jennifer, your shadow and my camera created one seriously cool photograph!  I’ve got all sorts of shadow drawings dancing around in my head for next time.  Can’t wait!

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{children} MAYCIE

I had the blessing of keeping a friend’s 10-year-old daughter for a few days this week.

Turns out she was a natural in front of the camera!  Every afternoon after school we would walk my daughter’s dog around the neighborhood then take her to the park to play.  After spending time with the dog, Maycie and I would get some bread crumbs and head out to the pond to feed the ducks, geese and fish.  The weather has been perfect this week and the colors of the trees have just been beautiful.

Here’s a few of my favorite photographs from my time with my little friend!


Couldn’t resist checking out all of the little acorns on this branch.  It was loaded.




The afternoon sun made for some gorgeous colors all around.  And the wildlife was very active and vocal.  It was a fun time at the pond.

Finally made it to our destination!  Now to put those breadcrumbs to good use!  Think the critters in the water appreciated that they were being served honey wheat breadcrumbs?

Nah, probably not!


This next photo is my absolute favorite from the afternoon.  It just says it all.  Maycie had the pier to herself and the attention of every duck and goose in the pond!

  Don’t know who enjoyed it more!







All good things must come to an end!  Back home and time for homework.  Reality is never too far away.   :)

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