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My daughter adopted this incredibly loving Great Pyreneese from our local CARA chapter and named her Rosa.  And ever since, life has been very “Marley-ish” around here!!  She can climb a 6-foot fence,  leap over her 3-foot crate with ease, dig a ditch lickety-split, and uproot a flower bed in seconds.  Seems she learns a new skill every week.  Keeps us on our toes!  Jessica has always wanted a big fluffy Pyreneese and now she has one!  Happy Valentine’s Day, Jes!  Me and Rosie made you a special card.

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Been working on capturing sunflares and I’m pretty well pleased with this one! Actually, I love it. I love the column, the leaves, the concrete, and the sky, too. It’s as if they are telling a story. I have a maternity shoot tomorrow so I was scouting neat locations for it and I came across this abandoned house. It was kind of creepy walking around there by myself, but it was a goldmine for a photographer! Spent an hour there taking all sorts of neat photos. Can’t wait to pose mom-and-dad-to-be in some shots here. Anyway, I know you can add sunflares in Photoshop, but there’s no comparison to the real deal. What do you think?

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My camera and I had the pleasure of spending some time with my youngest daughter this week and we had way too much fun.  Just wanted to share one of the photographs from that day that I’m totally in love with.  ( No pun intended.)  Jennifer, your shadow and my camera created one seriously cool photograph!  I’ve got all sorts of shadow drawings dancing around in my head for next time.  Can’t wait!

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If you’re family is like most families this time of year, you’ve got a fall or winter photo session on the family calendar.  And about now you’re wondering what everybody’s going to wear so the family will be looking pretty spiffy for the camera.  Well, fret no more!  Check out these fabulous outfit suggestions for any fall or winter photo shoot you have coming up.  This is great help even if you have a casual engagement session or are just having your children photographed.  Use these outfits as a general guide or visit the actual stores listed.  Either way, you can rest assured you’re going to get back some great looking portraits when it’s all said and done.  Oh, and if you haven’t booked that photo session you’ve been meaning to book, go now!  Pick up the phone and book with your favorite photographer.  If you live in or around the Clinton, Mississippi area, I’ve got my camera ready to go!

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I love this photo of a little flower girl leaving the wedding holding her mommy’s hand.  I captured this sweet moment while in Jackson Square in New Orleans.  I was far away from the wedding party streaming out of the St. Louis Cathedral when this little girl caught my eye.  Thankfully I had my zoom lens on my camera and was able to get the shot!  It’s not perfect by any means.  But it makes me happy to look at it and remember that tender moment in time.


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