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My daughter adopted this incredibly loving Great Pyreneese from our local CARA chapter and named her Rosa.  And ever since, life has been very “Marley-ish” around here!!  She can climb a 6-foot fence,  leap over her 3-foot crate with ease, dig a ditch lickety-split, and uproot a flower bed in seconds.  Seems she learns a new skill every week.  Keeps us on our toes!  Jessica has always wanted a big fluffy Pyreneese and now she has one!  Happy Valentine’s Day, Jes!  Me and Rosie made you a special card.

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This photo session started out with one goal . . . a quick pic for a Christmas card.  But while we were out having fun, it turned into a great couples’ session!!   On the way to our location, we passed this faded brick wall.  Had to stop.  There’s something incredibly nostalgic about a faded Coca-Cola sign.  Couldn’t pass it up!



We were on a seldom-traveled road that was perfect for a sweet little “kiss-in-the-lane” shot!  I was so busy concentrating on getting a really quick shot that without realizing it, I captured an old blue truck that had just passed by.  Perfect!!  Love surprises like that.


This is my new favorite photo.  I love love love images in shades of chocolate . . . and this one is just in time for Valentine’s Day! 


What do you do when you come across a huge tree that has been cut down and forgotten?  You turn the car around, climb up and strike a pose!  All sessions should be this fun.


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{maternity} LANDON & BONNI

When I took these photos, Landon and Bonni were excitedly awaiting the arrival of their first child.   A gorgeous mom-to-be and a very attentive dad-to-be made for a really great maternity session with these two.


Bet you weren’t expecting this next shot!  That’s Tito, a teacup chihuahua that Bonni’s has had for as long as she can remember.  And Tito got to get all dressed up for some time in front of the camera, too.


I love taking creative shots of special belongings that a mom-too-be brings to her maternity session.  Bonni chose these tiny little tennis shoes to have as props in some of their photos.  When I saw them sitting on their front porch step amid the fall leaves in the late afternoon sun, I just had to capture that moment.  I can’t resist a still life!


Mom’s thinking of all the precious hugs and kisses to come.  Dad, well, he’s thinking of other things!


I had scouted a couple of great locations for this session, but when I got to their home I was astonished at the great scenery all around.  We ended up staying in their very own yard for most of our session.  Love all the trees and all the leaves on the ground!


This is probably one of my favorite poses.  I call it “The Lookback.”  And Bonnie did it so well.


For the next image, I couldn’t decide which I like best – the 70s look or the classic B&W – so I posted both!  I look at the first one and think, “Wow, this really looks like it could have been taken in the 70s!”  But then I look at the second and think, “How striking!”  You decide!


I love the stripes going across mommy’s tummy and her hand just tucked in for a tender cradle of her baby inside.  Since this family loves the outdoors, the bamboo makes the perfect backdrop to showcase mom’s growing profile.



Since we took these photos, baby Brandon has been born and he is making life at home anything but boring!  Just remember, children are a heritage of the Lord.  Congratulations to the new family!

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