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One gorgeously sunny afternoon recently, I had the fun job of doing a couple’s session for Jennifer and Daniel.  The sun was casting the perfect golden glow on this field.  I wish I had their entire session edited and ready to show, but I don’t.  What I can show you is their Christmas card!  I love the way this turned out.  There is a casual elegance to it! 

(Just so you know, the real card did not have the logo on the photo side.  It’s shown here only for web purposes.)

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I can’t believe it’s here, but it is.  Christmas is in the air and in the house!  Our tree is sporting its big, fun, colorful lights this year – topped off with lots of tinsel.  You just can’t look at this tree and not smile.  For me, it not only brings back memories from my own childhood, but from my children’s as well.  When my daughters were still very young, I began collecting dated ornaments for all three of us each year.  So when they have their own families with their own Christmas trees, we will all have many of the same ornaments reminding us of our past Christmases together.  There’s nothing like nostalgia during the holidays!

Even the gift-wrapping is old-fashioned.  Brown paper and colorful yarns pretty up all the packages under the tree.  Simple, quick and inexpensive.  Can’t beat that during the holidays!  The gift tags are handmade from card stock and personalized with stickers.

From the Russell home to your home . . . Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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As I was putting away Thanksgiving decorations and bringing out Christmas ones, I was surprised to see that the pumpkins at my front door were still in perfect condition!  Since I adore all things fall, I could not bring myself to part with them.  So they are worked into my Christmas decorations!!  This lovely pumpkin became the main attraction for my dining table centerpiece.  Along with some, what I call, little pumpkinettes, a scattering of nandina berries from my yard and a variety of nuts, our Christmas table is ready and waiting to host the big family dinner.  And who doesn’t love when you end up with soft bokeh (blurriness in the background) from big and colorful old-fashioned lights on the tree?  Merry Christmas to all!

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Been working on capturing sunflares and I’m pretty well pleased with this one! Actually, I love it. I love the column, the leaves, the concrete, and the sky, too. It’s as if they are telling a story. I have a maternity shoot tomorrow so I was scouting neat locations for it and I came across this abandoned house. It was kind of creepy walking around there by myself, but it was a goldmine for a photographer! Spent an hour there taking all sorts of neat photos. Can’t wait to pose mom-and-dad-to-be in some shots here. Anyway, I know you can add sunflares in Photoshop, but there’s no comparison to the real deal. What do you think?

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