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{baby} ELLA JANE

Okay, for the record, Ella is my great-niece.  But let me just tell you, family or not, she has the most beautiful skin I have ever seen!  I was really excited when her mom asked me to take some photos of her at the Neshoba County Fair.  While I was busy behind the camera, Ella kept her mom and dad hoppin’.  She had no intention of being still for photos!  That pretty white dress didn’t stop her from getting where she wanted to go . . . she just powered through.  Too cute!


We did the entire photo session at my sister-in-law’s Fair cabin.  She has some really great chairs that work beautifully in photographs. I brought a teddy bear from home in case I needed something to capture Ella’s attention.  It captured her attention alright!  So much so, she climbed in the chair and nearly fell asleep.


But those moments of stillness were short-lived.  The stairs were calling.  Is there a crawler out there who doesn’t love to climb stairs?  And just look at that precious face!  No wonder she already has her daddy wrapped around her little finger!!


Whenever I look at this next photo, I half-expect to hear a choir of angels singing.  Seriously.  Every time.  LOL. Her daddy was talking to her.  What’s not to love?!  Love the little curl down by her ear.  Sweet.


For a few brief moments Ella looked at a book about colors.  That allowed me to get these sweet shots of her little hands and feet.  Great photos don’t have to be of a smiling face!  These are two of my favorites from the series.  They would look fabulous in a nursery.


It didn’t take long for her to get bored with the book and the stairs.  She was ready for more crawling and exploring.  First stop was a nearby bucket of toys.  Didn’t take long for her to find her favorite one!


I’m looking forward to taking more photos of Ella as we watch her grow.  She is blessed with the sweetest disposition.  All you have to do is look at her and she smiles.  Can’t beat that!

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{snapshot} TURTLE LOVE

As my husband was working in the yard Saturday he heard something rustling the leaves in the nearby flower bed.  A turtle was just crawling along seemingly not too bothered by Jeff’s working nearby.  Now, being married to a photographer, Jeff then did what he knew he had to do . . . sound the photo op alarm.  (He’s SO good at doing that!)  So out the door I flew with camera in hand.  And there stood my daughter holding this really awesome turtle.  She tells me it is an Eastern Box Turtle (Terrapene carolina) which is one of two species of box turtles found in the United States.  Turns out they come in a wide variety of shell shapes, patterns and colorizations.  I believe it because I have never seen a more beautiful turtle.  The shell was painted with such rich warm colors.  I’ve never wanted to keep a turtle before, but I wanted to keep this one!  He was just so beautifully designed by our Creator.

After admiring him, we put him down and I followed him around in our yard for awhile and snapped some pics.  He didn’t seem to much care.  He didn’t even hide his head in his shell.  Didn’t seem to be bothered by me much at all.

We watched as our new little friend slowly went his own way.  He probably won’t go far.  Eastern Box Turtles usually live out their lives within an area less than 200 meters in diameter.   Sure hope he finds his way safely around the neighborhood.  Til next time, sweet turtle!  We’re counting on seeing you again one day.

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{portrait} JESSICA

Red spider lilies are blooming in the yard and the temps are dropping!  Autumn is my favorite season.  I’m drawn to reds, browns, oranges and yellows in nature. Today’s cooler weather just drew me outside late afternoon.  Loved the crunch of leaves and the redbirds enjoying the berries on the crepe myrtle.  And boy was I excited when Jessica drove up and agreed to let me take a few quick snaps of her before she headed back out.  Everything about them says autumn to me.

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{couple} BART & MANDI

Spending some time this Labor Day weekend editing a few favorite pics.  As I was scanning through some recent photos I came across this candidly adorable photo of Bart and Mandi at the Neshoba County Fair.  It captured a sweet moment in sunshine during an otherwise terribly rainy week.

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